Greetings from House Aranmore

Looking for exciting combat, artistic expression and plenty of good laughs?

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This is the main online site for House Aranmore, a ragtag band of history lovers in Southern Maine, with something for everyone.

We’re a friendly group of artisans, fighters, performers, herbalists, craftspeople and history enthusiasts primarily based out of the Portland, Maine area, interested in the Middle Ages. Our area is known in The Society for Creative Anachronism as Malagentia–although some our Household members live in Endewearde, which is in the Bangor area. Both groups are part of the East Kingdom. Explore our pages, get to know us and see what we’re up to, and how you can participate with us.

If you’re not familiar with the SCA at ALL, here’s a recent news VIDEO done on our annual gigantic event in Pennsylvania. If you look carefully, you’ll see several of our household members!

CONTACT US by emailing Sir Arturus: power.matt at yahoo dot com


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Proud Subjects of the East Realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism