Getting Ready for Summer

Household day tentatively planned for April 21st.

GNE, Pennsic and lots of other fun events are approaching!

It’s been a long winter in the Northern reaches of the East Realm, and House Aranmor is just beginnning to stir from its slumber. This summer is going to be big, really big! Marhalt is finally going to finish his armor. Ray is back from his insane venture into the “real” military, and ready for mock battle! Athos is making noises about armoring and rivets. Tiernan is looking for a new book for Pennsic! Arlof and Hilary are frantically making new furniture for the new tent which of course is going to require new garb, new armor, and….well, you get the picture.

In other words, pretty much nothing has changed! And why should it? We’re going to have a great summer, hoping we’ll see more of Godrick, Patrice and Alaric too.
Oh, and did I mention Griff’s wedding? Yeah, that’s in June, and should be a blast.
It’s good to be back!


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