The Company of Nine

Written in 2013 by Syr Arturus of Aranmore; Lord Hartman Foscari da Ferrara; Lady Ellice de Valles, Ulrich Kreiter and Stoldo of Bhakail

This song was written on the Friday of Gulf War XXII, when most of us were leaving the following day. We wrote it after running home (literally) bruised and battered from the Ravine Battle where we could proudly proclaim we had been at every battle that week, and state without a doubt that we did exactly what we were supposed to do, even if it left us decimated to a man.

Remember the company of nine.
This song may their memory enshrine
In far away lands, on Glean Abhann sands
Their courage and valor did shine.

Six fighters, two knights and their sire
Came down from the Eastern Empire
Their numbers were small, but they gave it their all
Let their tale every subject inspire.

By day their few numbers were seen
By night they danced with their Queen
Though bruises they bore, by their merry rapport
You’d think that a hunting they’d been.

The warm southern sun at the dawn
As Atlantia and their allies looked on
East stood fast, while across the pass
Ansteorra’s retreat horns did sound.

When bold Calontir took the field
Our company of nine did not yield
They fought with the king and their sword blows did ring
And they left not but bones on the field.


No banner would fall on their watch
No bridge would be safe from their charge
Their numbers were few, but let us review
The deeds that now loom so large.



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