Sir Arturus, Count of Aranmore

Arturus-ShieldSir Arturus (AKA Syr Arlof O’Donovae) is the founding member of House Aranmore. He is well known for his early exploits across the known world, including playing a central role in starting the Great Northeastern War. He joined the Veassallurds before the year 877 A.D.(A.S. 22) as recorded by them. Upon moving to Trimaris, he would become squired to Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh.

Arms: Argent, a dragon rampant between three wheels azure.



Arturus occasionally writes and performs music and spoken works, including those below. Find more here.


Founder of the Known World Architectural Guild, Sir Arturus published “Sacred Spaces” newsletter for several years, and organized and executed many well known historic reconstructions at the Pennsic War during that time, including the Cadbury Camp gate, the Chartres Cathedral nave (in the Cooper’s Barn), the White Horse of Uffington (on the battlefield hill) and a thatched Welsh cottage.

Most recently he organized and executed the completion of a custom Roman wall tent for His Majesty, Master Ioaness. He also created and built a walled city for the fighting at GNEW 29.


Some of Sir Arturus’s woodworking projects include carved Glastonbury chairs, Canfield Coffer, carved armor chests, a carved bed, a carved shaving stand and tent centerpole.


  • 10 July 2015 – King’s Order of Excellence (East)
  • 20 July 1996 – Companion of the Troubadour (East)
  • 18 January 1992 – Order of the Bards Laureate (Masque) (Trimaris)
  • 01 September 1990 – Count (Trimaris)
  • 11 November 1989 – Order of Chivalry
  • 20 June 1987 – Award of Arms
  • 13 May 1989 – Argent Morningstar (Trimaris)


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