Pennsic War

Lady Isabella helps Lord Gruffyd belt his new man-at-arms, Bacon.

Now that I am unpacked and have a moment to sit and think I wanted to thank everyone for making Pennsic so great this year first of all I wanted to thank Athos for taking on the job of Captain of the Guard and attending every strategy meeting and every battle that was a lot of extra work and he handled it magnificently.

Thanks also to Alaric and Gruffyd and our new house member Bacon along with my lady Ellice for fighting in just about every battle and sticking together and really making an impression on the East realm.

Also thank you to Amaline and Tiernan and Admiranda for being so helpful and gracious at the Serpentius dinner and Wowing everyone with what a great household of talent we have. Thanks to Lucy too for joining us.

And last but certainly not least thanks to Astrid for marshaling in the battles and for being a great chatelaine for us also at the Serpent us dinner and throughout the whole event. Vivat House Aranmore!

Here is the memorial viking ship from Pennsic, with our friend Lord Thorgrim Bloodaxe represented with third shield from left.

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