A Knight Without Regrets

Written by Count Arturus. The chords are in parenthesis.

On a bitter (Am) cold night (F)
At (G7) the edge of the world (Am)
When (Am) the shouts from (F) the battle had died (Am)
A knight (Am) lay down (F)
All weary (G) and worn (Am)
With only (F) his sword (G) by his side (Am).

When out of the mist
Came a vision so fair
A maiden so stalwart and bold
Be still my Lord
And speak not a word
I’ve come (Am) to shield (E) you from cold (Am).


Lay with (C) me (Em)
But break (Am) not my vows (Em)
For lovers (F) we never (C) can be (E)
I give you (Am) my warmth (G)
And I give (Am) you my heart (G)
But a virtuous (E) lady I be. (Am)

Come my love
Said the knight without pause
Your gift is a blessing to me
And sooner I’d fall
‘Neath Jerusalem’s walls
Than ruin such rare honesty.

She lay in his arms
And they spoke not a word
But kept night demons at bay
Their hearts beat as one
Til the morning had come
And their virtue still shined thru the day.



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