Lady Tiernan Shepherd

Lady Tiernan can often be found keeping track of the rest of us – and keeping everyone on budget. She currently is the Exchequer for the Province of Malagentia. Among her many talents, she is a weaver, a costumer, a brewer and a cook. She says of herself…

“I grew up in the wilds of Ireland. As a young lass, I was kidnapped by a wily Viking named Erik the Carver. He took me back to his homeland and raised me as his daughter. I tried to fit in, I really did. But sometimes I just missed home….which may explain the plaid A-frame that debuted at Gulf Wars VI. Hmm.”

To learn more about Lady Tiernan’s achievements, visit her EK Wiki page.

200px-TiernanHeraldryHeraldry: Gules, a bend sinister checky argent and sable between two crescents or.


  • 17 July 2004 – Companion of the Silver Crescent
  • 22 May 1998 – Award of the Sable Thistle in Costuming (Ansteorra)
  • 23 August 1997 – Award of the Sable Thistle in Weaving (Ansteorra)
  • 04 January 1997 – Order of the Oak of the Steppes (Barony of the Steppes)
  • 25 June 1994 – Award of Arms (Ansteorra)

50px-Silvercrescent 50px-Thistle50px-Thistle


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