Garb Cleaning Tip: Removing Wine from Linen

If you are like me, you spend the first three or four days after going to war doing laundry and repairing garb. So here is a great tip I learned The After! Good as new!after Gulf Wars. If you have spilled red wine on your bright yellow linen garb and just noticed it (meaning, you have let it sit for several days but have not laundered it yet). Try dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. (I used Dawn). Mix equal parts together, pour it on the stain, leave it in the sink and go start the bread maker. When you come back…. stain gone! I suppose if you don’t make bread, find something else to do – you can leave it for several hours in the sink without any problems. How like new is it? As you can see in the photo, shiny clean! What you can’t see is the before photo, where there was a long dark stain down both the yellow sleeve and the yellow front of the coathardie. Any other great garb repair tips?



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