Kings and Queens of Englands in the 14th century

Henry III b.1207 d.1272 r.1216-1272  Eleanor of Provence

The Plantagenet Dynasty

Edward I b.1239  d.1307 r.1272-1307 (1) Eleanor (Spanish) (2) Margaret (French)

1306 Robert Bruce is crowned King of Scotland

Edward II b.1284 d.1327 r.1307-1327 Isabella, daughter of Philip IV of France

Deposed in 1327 by his wife and her lover Roger de Mortimer, and murdered in Berkeley Castle

Edward III b.1312 d.1377 r.1327-1377 Philippa, Daughter of Count of Hainault

In 1330 Edward now 17, assumes Royal Powers, arrests and executes Mortimer and puts his mother under life time house arrest.  Edward’s eldest son, also Edward, was known as the Black Prince. d.1376

Richard II b.1367 d.1400 r.1377-1399  (1) Anne of Bohemia (Bohemian)  (2) Isabella, nine year old daughter of Charles VI of France

In the first part of his reign, because he was so young, the country was ruled by his uncle, John of Gaunt whose son Bolingbroke eventually deposed Richard in 1399 and then murdered him. He became king as Henry 4th.   [Richard died in captivity at Pontefract Castleby of starvation]

Henry IV b.1366 d.1413 r.1399 – 1413 (1) Mary de Bohun (2) Joan, Daughter of Charles II of Nararre

The House of Lancaster


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