[When I noticed how very many go seriously wrong in their manner of living I concluded that I must apply a corrective to their belief and take counsel of the experience of mankind in order that they may live most gloriously and attain honor. Now I will teach thee, dearest son, in what way thou mayest fashion a rule for thy life. Therefore, so read my precepts that thou mayest understand them, for to read and not to under- stand is equivalent to not reading.

Pray to God.

Love thy parents.

Cherish those of kin to thee.

Guard that entrusted to thee.

Shun the market place.

Walk with the upright.

Attack not until you have challenged.

Be neat.

Salute freely.

Yield to him who is older than thou.

Respect the magistrate.

Preserve tjhy sense of shame.

Guard well thine own interests.

Practice diligence.

Care for thy family.

Return like for like.

Consider well to whom to make presents.

Indulge rarely in banquets.

Sleep enough.


Love thy wife.

Keep thy word.


Be moderate with wine.

Fight for thy country.

Be not easily imposed upon.

Shun the harlot.

Read books.

Remember what thou readest.

See to the instruction of thy children.

Be kind.

Be angry when the affair requires it.

Ridicule no one.

Attend the law court.

Frequent the residence of the praetor.


Be conversant with the law.

Practice virtue.


Play with a hoop.

Eschew the dice.

Learn to read.

Show favor to the good.

Give sound counsel.


Be not abusive.

Hold to thy opinion.

Judge fairly.

Never lie.


Keep thy temper.

Overcome thy parent with patience.

Despise not thy inferior.

Do nothing under the pressure of force.

Respect the law that thou thyself hast made.

Be mindful of favor received.

Say little at banquets.

Deride not the unhappy.

Never pass judgment.

Covet not the possessions of another.

Seek that which is right.

Feel affection freely.

Strive after noble things.]


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