Excerpt: Fiore – Spear on Foot

image002 image004

We are three masters in guards with our spears, conforming to the grips of the sword. And I am the first, which is Tutta Porta di Ferro (Full Iron Door). I am positioned to quickly beat (rebatter) the spear of the player, that is I pass (passarò) with the right foot traversing out of the way, and traversing/crossing his spear beat it to the left side. If I pass and I beat in doing that pass I injure [the opponent], this is a thing that is not possible to fail in.


In Mezza Porta di Ferro (Middle Iron Door) I am positioned with the spear. The beat and the injuring is always my custom. And he wants to come with the mid/half-spear or staff, I will not fail to injure him with my beat and pass, that all the guards which move out of the way, with short spear and short sword I am sufficient at waiting for all long hand weapons. And those from the right side cover, and with covering they pass and place a thrust. And the guards of the left side cover and beat (rebatteno) and with a strike they injure, and can not place thrusts well.

image010 image012

I am the noble Posta di Fenestra Destra (Position of the Window on the Right), which in beating-back (rebatter) and injuring I am always ready, and a long spear bothers me little. Also with the sword I could wait for the long spear, standing in this guard which beats-back all thrusts, and retards them. And I can exchange thrusts, and beat them to the ground with no possibility to fail. In the play which is next I want to finish.

image014 image016

In this play I will finish, from the three guards which were before; that is, Tutta Porta di Ferro (Full Iron Door), and Porta di Ferro la Mezana (Middle Iron Door), and Posta de Fenestra la Soprana Destra (Position of the Window, High on the Right). In this play finishes their plays and that is their art. As I will do for their part.

This is the contrario (counter) to the three masters of the spear which finished in the play which was before me. And their way I want to explain. When these masters believe that my spear is fallen/useless (caçare), I do a turn (volta) of my spear and injure with the butt, and because of the good iron [head/tip] at the butt which can thrust. These plays of these masters block me little.

image018 image020

We are three guards of the reverse side, and I am the first in Dente di Zengiaro (Boar’s Tooth). Those that are on the right side do the same on the reverse. We pass (passamo) forward out of the way, advancing (acressando) the foot which is in front as said, out of the way. And we make our thrusts on the reverse side easily (derada). And all the right side and reverse converge in beating thrusts to finish, because other offences with the spear should not follow.

In Posta di Vera Croce (Position of the True Cross) I wait. You are too close, play fair! The right foot which is in front I will turn behind, and beat your spear out of the way, towards the right-hand side. My thrust will not fail, yours will fail.

image022 image024

In Posta di Fenestra Sinistra (Position of the Window on the Left) I am positioned. If I do not injure you with a thrust, you will be lucky. The point pulled high and the arms carried low, and with the foot which is behind I will pass out of the way to the left-hand side. The thrust I will put to you in the face, you not having any defense. The play which is after we three masters is what we can do. If once you try it, you will never more want to try it.


The play of the spear finishes here, I do it on the reverse side, of their plays I free myself. These three guards which are before think of long spear or short not to fail, because they are offence and defense. And the counter (contrario) of these thrusts can be done well; when the thrust gets broken you can turn the butt (pedale) and with that injure their play of spear well, that this can be enough.

The images are from the MS Ludwig XV 13, the text is from http://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Fiore_de%27i_Liberi.


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