Excerpt: Fiore – Spear vs. Mounted Foe


Here are three companions who want to strike this Master: the first wants to strike underhand and carries his weapon at the middle of the lance; the other carries his weapon in rest at the full of the lance; the third wants to throw his lance. And they are agreed that none should strike more than one blow per man, and that they should do it one by one.Pisani-Dossi_MS_33r-b

Come one by one whoever wants to come, and I will run from no one. Again, I am positioned in the Boar’s Tusk to wait, and when the lance will come against me (carried or thrown by hand) immediately I avoid its path, that is, I advance my right foot out of the way and with my left I step on the traverse, beating the lance that comes to strike me such that of a thousand, I couldn’t fail to beat even one. This I do with the spear, and with the staff or with the sword I would also do it, and the defense that I make which is against the spear, I could also make against the sword or the staff. I ask that you view the plays that are hereafter.


This play belongs to the Master who came before, who awaits him of the horse with his spear in Boar’s Tusk. In stepping out of the way and beating as he does, he enters into this play and so that it is understood, I do according to his word and with the edge and the point I could strike him in the head, since I carry my spear with such readiness.
Again is this the play of the aforesaid Master who was previously in the Stance of the Boar. In his stead I do this, which he also could have done: when the lance is beaten, I turn my spear and I strike him with the butt (since it is well-tempered iron).

The images are from the MS Ludwig XV 13, the text is from http://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Fiore_de%27i_Liberi.


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