Great Northeastern War

This weekend was long, hot and crazy – but it was fun! The household dinner was a success, with a huge turnout. The house fought not only for the war points, but also turned out for the Deed. Tiernan autocrated, Ameline ran Merchant’s Row, Astrid not only fought but ran Facilities. Count Arlof’s battlefield scenarios were well received. Of the many stories, there are some notable ones. Gruffyth picking up Drey and carrying him off the battlefield from the Deed as a hostage/prize. Count Arlof rescuing a unhelmeted fighter off the bridge in the middle of the battle. The return of Ray.

This weekend also showed Lucy becoming a Baroness, Gruffyth becoming a Maunche, Godric becoming a Sagittarius, Count Arlof and Ellice were inducted into the King’s Order of Excellence.

The following photos were taken by Brendan Crane and Jenn L. Miller.

11416364_1510417022581580_3597987604658837365_o 11745614_10205651851948679_3925753900413277622_n11698896_1510952752528007_3660774251666912707_o11745372_10153553519470362_9066627394491526186_n11754907_1510954615861154_8826889956165488559_o


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