Last Court of Arlof and Hilary

By popular demand, here is a full account of the final court of Arlof (Sir Arturus) and Hilary, from the 10th Reign of Trimaris

Crown 10: The Tale of King Arlof and Queen Hilary

Following the reign of Llewellyn and Elena, an omen appeared in the sky, in the form of a triskele shaped cloud. It was then that Prince Arlof (later known as Sir Arturus, Count of Aranmore) and Princess Hilary appeared, mounted on a horse clad in knotwork barding. The figure of death appeared, and Arlof rode to do battle with him. Only later that day did he return, to claim the throne for he and his lady.

In this ancient reign, set in the year 500, the presence of druids, romans and bards was ever present. Early on, their majesties were threatened with a druidic prophecy. But first came many great deeds, including the building of the Cadbury Camp Fort Reconstruction at Pennsic, the launch of the Royal Trimarian Navy, The Founding of the Fools Parade at Pennsic, and not least, a stunning victory over the combined might of Atlantia and Meridies at Fools War III. At Pennsic, the King sided with the outnumbered Midrealm, and he and his knights delivered a victory in the woods battle over the Eastern kingdom.

Arlof and Hilary are perhaps best remembered for the method of their passing. To protect them, their noble fool, Harry Pudding, drank poison intended for King Arlof. As he died, Arlof followed the druid into the otherworld, then stopped to sing of love to his lady, who joined him. Many tears were shed. A full account is available at

A simple poem found in the Great Book of the Kings of Trimaris celebrates this brief, happy time:


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