Tournament of Love

Wow, what a great weekend for the household!

Gruffyd and Admiranda both entered a food item into the Arts and Science competition. Admiranda entered a cherry jam made with galingale. Gruffyd made an elderflower cheesecake. Both were delicious and well received by the masses. Alaric showed his fine skills upon the tournament field, making it to the semi-finals before succumbing to the undefeatable Sir Cedric. Syr Arlof presented both Alaric and Gruffyd with copies of the Rules for a Knight. He also marshaled the heavy tournament. Our friend Dray came out with his lady Wendy and fought as well.


The day ended with singing, dancing and feasting. The beginnings of plottings and rumorings were done regarding Panteria and Great Northeastern War. Alaric’s lady Baroness Lucy was chastised for refusing to sit still. Beccan’s lady Isabella entranced the revelers with a song. Everyone left with a smile despite the snow.


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