Household Day

Today we worked on a variety of things. Primarily we reconnected, and ate lots of great food. We also worked on building 10 new chairs for camp members. We found a source for some of the wood at a cheaper price, which got them down to just $20 each!  We made Vivien a 90% of a jupon, although it still needs a wheel and some more grommets.

We also discussed what sorts of things we would like to do to make the camp at GNEW better this year, and decided we’d like to have more selfies and to add more lights in the area. Finally, we decided we’d like to still do our dinner on Friday night, but that we’d like to spend the event itself mostly just hanging out and reconnecting as a group after last year’s craziness.

In attendance: Arlof, Athos, Ameline, Gruffyd, Admiranda, Tiernan, Marhalt, Beccan, Vivien, and Ellice. Guests: Nichol


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