Horse Hair Helmet Padding

These photos are from a helmet padding project I just completed. I did a lot of research on which types of helmet padding best resist concussion effects. The jury is still out on horsehair, (naturally I can’t find the article now…) said the medieval horsehair and linen helms may have been 5 times more effective than cellular foam at absorbing shocks. We shall see. I think a lot of the effectiveness is in the details of how thick the padding is.

If you make one of these, they take about 1 1/2 lbs of horsehair to stuff the pad. I purchased mine online from an equestrian center. The holes for stitching the helm on to base of helm could probably be smaller, but i had to bevel both edges to avoid them cutting the waxed awl thread. The helm should not touch the peak of the helm when installed. I’ll let you know how it performs…Here are the detailed instructions I used..modified a few things as I went along.…/REVISED%20Horse%20Hair%20Helme…


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