Birka 2017

Birka, Birka, Birka! What a busy day! Many members from House Aranmore were able to make the event this year, including Arlof (and for the first time Ellice). Alaric fought gallantly and fiercely in the tournament, coming in 32nd! Gruffyth and Admiranda were in attendance, looking like an illumination in their new matching 14th century garb. In true form of our household, Admiranda, Alaric, Astrid (and I believe Gruffyth) all helped ensure that their Majesties and Highnesses had a pleasant event.

We were reunited with Astrid, whom has been long absent our area on business with our brethren to the south. After some conversation with Count Arlof, she has entered into a foster arrangement with Sir Cullen to train in great weapons while she is down there. We hope she will bring us back techniques from the south that we can use to great effectiveness here.

I am adding photos as I acquire them.

Photos: Jenn Miller


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