Verse: Arthur to Guinevere at Almesbury

Written and performed by Lord Marhalt, Verse monologue

So many companions these last few year
Who built with me Camelot and brought her fame
Have I laid in the ground and blessed with a tear
And marked in the book of Remembrance their name
Of Merlin now there is no sign or trace
Fear hides behind the eyes of every face
So much is misty that once was clear
And the burden grows heavier on we few who remain

I allow my self the weakness of a reminiscence
In the few moments the needs of duty are not dire
Of our early years and their effervescence
When honor and bravery were all that were required
After I drove the Saxons in to the sea
And your father gave your hand to me
We found no sin in concupiscence
And spent long evenings by the fire

We feasted, we danced, we hunted, we sang
We walked the wood as the sun wandered west
The horns were all sounded the bells they all rang
Then all fell silent when we took our rest
And any trouble, to the extent of my power,
I kept off your brow, like from the rain, a bower
in the garden where the vines do hang
And I never denied your smallest request

But even in dreams of romance I remember the strife
A king is no dreamer, his memory must be clear
As I struggled for the law to replace the axe and the knife
For truth over treachery, trust over fear
I meted out justice the best that I could
I tried to be fair and I tried to be good
That’s a king’s duty and that’s a kings life
For he knows that the cost of each misstep will be dear.

And as I built a kingdom you were alone
And then to our castle came Lancelot
His companionship for my absence did atone
My inattention sundered what my love had wrought
Thou I had no mistresses after we wed
No other woman did I take to my bed
My first and my greatest love was the throne
My first and my true wife was Camelot

Now all that I built falls to the ground
But all things fall apart so I’ll not lament
When I won at Badon; there was nothing to be found
Of brotherhood or honor or love’s shining raiment
As my days draw to a close and my last battle draws nigh
I shall sing to the heavens and allow none to sigh.
Out of the darkness from the day we were crowned
Our marriage, like Camelot, shone for a moment.


Eric Worthly, Feb 2017, Verse monologue


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