Coronation of Honig and Ioannes

On my way home from a lovely Coronation. It was well attended – both by our household and also by Serpentius. All in all, what a fantastic time for us to see our friends in a beautiful site.

Lord Gruffyd, and among his loyal team were dear Lady Admiranda and Beccan. Despite the kitchen seeming quite small, they did an amazing feast.  Not only that, but every time I saw them, everyone in the kitchen seemed like they were having a great time. The mice looked fantastic. Mistress Lucie shared the following after feast:

“Proud is too little a word to describe the Feast that Gruffyd and his team put on for their Majesties Coronation. Griff, you truly have a talent and I am so so proud of the work you all did last night. It was delicious!

I want you to know, we sat with Their Graces Anna and Brion and they were so impressed! Duke Brion pulled rank and chose to serve the head table.

He came back between courses to eat a little with such great things to say. “The chef running the kitchen is so well organized. He has all of his cold things plated and ready to go out. He has a plan for the hot things so everything stays hot. This was so quick and easy to serve.”

Lord Alaric was such a proud brother when he got to tell them that you were his squire brother and that this is your thing.

I know that it would not have gone off like it did without the support and inspiration of your beautiful Admiranda. You two are truly an awesome team!”

Lord Alaric and Baroness Astridr were also in attendance. Every time I saw Alaric he was lending a helping hand.  I saw Astridr even less as she was also quite busy making sure the event went smoothly.

I, personally, am grateful for the friendship of the Snakes, who stepped up at the last minute to help set up for and serve the feast: Jarl Thorson, Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne, Baron Goerijs Goriszoon, Lady Solveig Bjarnardottir and Travis.


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