Household News

The Medieval Magazine #29 (9/4/2017) - Les Joyeux Amis (our camp) was featured in the #29 issue of Medieval Magazine, which can be found here.
GNEW 31 (7/10/2017) - Whew! The war is over, and Stonemarche thoroughly trounced us. Despite that, it seemed like everyone had a good time. Baroness Astrid returned from distant lands, as did Tarok the Unfrozen! As this photo can attest, neithet has not lost their love for the fight. This year our household fielded seven fighters, as well as … Continue reading GNEW 31
Gulf Wars 2017 (4/2/2017) -
Coronation of Honig and Ioannes (4/2/2017) - On my way home from a lovely Coronation. It was well attended – both by our household and also by Serpentius. All in all, what a fantastic time for us to see our friends in a beautiful site. Lord Gruffyd, and among his loyal team were dear Lady Admiranda and Beccan. Despite the kitchen seeming … Continue reading Coronation of Honig and Ioannes
Tournament of Love 2017 (2/19/2017) - This event was really an opportunity for our lovely Lady Admiranda to shine! She not only presented some of her culinary research in the Arts and Sciences competition, but she also was the Head Cook for the feast, presenting a three course delight! Gruffyth was in attendance as well, selling his delightful truffles and helping … Continue reading Tournament of Love 2017
Verse: Arthur to Guinevere at Almesbury (2/13/2017) - Written and performed by Lord Marhalt, Verse monologue So many companions these last few year Who built with me Camelot and brought her fame Have I laid in the ground and blessed with a tear And marked in the book of Remembrance their name Of Merlin now there is no sign or trace Fear hides behind … Continue reading Verse: Arthur to Guinevere at Almesbury
EK AS and Bardic Competition 2017 (2/13/2017) - Today was a great day for two of our members – Alaric and his lady Lucie. The day began with excitement and work, as his lovely lady, Lucie LoveGood sat vigil for the Order of the Pelican. Later, at court, he was inducted into the Queen’s Order of Courtesy! Congratulations to them both, for these … Continue reading EK AS and Bardic Competition 2017
Birka 2017 (2/2/2017) - Birka, Birka, Birka! What a busy day! Many members from House Aranmore were able to make the event this year, including Arlof (and for the first time Ellice). Alaric fought gallantly and fiercely in the tournament, coming in 32nd! Gruffyth and Admiranda were in attendance, looking like an illumination in their new matching 14th century … Continue reading Birka 2017
Crown Tournament (11/19/2016) - Fall Crown Tournament took place this year in the Province of Malagentia. The sun shone brightly cutting through the nip of chill and drying previous rain well. Though no one from our household fought, we had a good time meeting with friends from all over the East Kingdom. Count Arlof marshalled for most of the … Continue reading Crown Tournament
Alaric Goes to War! (And Back Again) (9/25/2016) - The following is an account of warfare as remembered by the Goth Alaric Godricson, and therefore does not represent the opinions or views of Count Syr Arturus (Known as Arlof), the Kingdom of the East, or the Society for Creative Anachronism. All persons described are merely portrayals of fictitious characters existing mostly in Aaric’s mind, … Continue reading Alaric Goes to War! (And Back Again)

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