Household Members

arturusCount Sir Arturus of Aranmore

Household Founder
Knight in fealty to the East Realm, thespian, spear champion, writer, maker of bad puns. (known as Syr Arlof) East Realm Wiki Entry HERE.

Baroness Ellice de Vallesellice-web-cameo

Femme Fantastic
Whether fighting with her great sword and defending her lord and love, Sir Arturus, dancing the Korubuschka, brewing mead or hand-stitching garb, there’s nothing she can’t do, and do well.  Oh and did I mention she shoots archery, fences and made her own pattens from a poplar tree? East Realm Wiki Entry HERE

astridsmallBaroness Astridr Sigrun Ulfkelsdottir

Squire. The Valkyrie of Malagentia
Most likely to tell the king what to do. She has the bail. East Realm Wiki Entry HERE

athosthumbLord Athos Phulax

Chief Squire, Captain of the Guard
Need anything done? Talk to Athos. He makes armor, fights, trains, makes tents, the list goes on.

amelinethumbLady Ameline

Household Herbalist
good at everything!

marhaltLord Marhalt

“whose line doth it be” champion! Stoic sidekick, Irish music afficionado and thespian.

 Lord Alaric Godricson                                     alaric profile

Most likely to get a new tattoo, heavy metal afficionado. human catapult. Check out his East Realm Wiki Entry HERE.

godrichthumbLord Godric Fitzedmond

Master bowman, historian, fighter, patriarch to Lord Alaric. Recently honored as a member of the Order of the Sagittarius!

patriceLady Bronwyn of the king’s field

Has bow will travel. great style and a deadly archer.

sarathumbLady Tiernan Shephard

Household Wit
Autocrat of perhaps the most succesful  Great Northeast War in a long time (this year), she is also Exchequer of Malagentia. Ever ready to cut you down with her wry wit, she may not appear to be listening, but be careful…she is! East Realm Wiki Entry HERE

gruffgoodLord Gruffyd Abernathy

Master chef. No, Seriously. He can make anything taste good. and he’s just plain scary in a barrel helm. Nickname: The Great Green Whirling Dervish of Destruction at Pennsic 2015. Don’t expect to hear him coming. His stealth roll is like a +50.

adieLady Admiranda Howard

House Muse
Our talented maiden of many skills, she plays several instruments, brews, and will make you laugh with her merry disposition.

10548024_10101787391579799_4567192544154263944_oLord Edward Vierhalt

Man-At-Arms That’s right, he’s a lord of the wolverines now! We’re proud of him and hope he continues to get bigger, stronger, and hairier!

graniaofaranmorGrania of Aranmore

Songbird, thespian, water bearer, heartbreaker. Best looking of us all, by far!

rayWilt Screivogel

Wilt returned to us at GNEW this year, and there was much rejoicing! We hope we will see much more of him this year!

554547_4760914303525_1737644051_nBeccan Ua Neill

Man-At-Arms He speaks Gaelic, that’s right people.

Incipient Members

The following are good friends (or more) who he hope will join the household this summer!

In Absentia

morganLord Morgan

We hope he returns…last seen somewhere in florida…seems to be having a good time..of which we are glad!

tarokTarok the unfrozen

Squire (in stasis)
They say he will return. Are they right? Or will the mormons win? Perhaps his son Gavin the Fearless will have to inherit the armor…Gavin, your place in the shield line is waiting. Will you be held back by your father, when the power of the force is so strong in you. Our enemies are thankful that you have not taken to the field!

arawntheancientLord Arawn the ancient

Retired Former Squire
Don’t mock him too much. He may show up just out of spite and beat us to death with his cane! Seriously though, we wish he would end his perpetual exile and rejoin us…

Dearly Missed

thorgrimLord Thorgrim Bloodaxe

Good friend, leatherworking artisan, former scourge of the northern army,
Urshag passed away this year. He was and remains a part of our household, a good friend whose kindness, artistic talent and great soul will never be forgotten. Farewell, Old Friend. Shag, Urshag, Dennis Green. By whatever name we called him, he was ever ready to make us laugh, tell the old stories, or do the next great project. His wife Christine Green remains alive and well and in our hearts.

Lady Veledaladyveleda

Her sweet smile is Never forgotten.


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